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Death on Earth: adventures in evolution and mortality

Death is an important subject in biology.  After all, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace independently arrived at the concept of natural selection by contemplating death.  After reading Thomas Malthus’s… read more


MSc Animation & VFX

Duncan of Jordanstone’s MSc Animation & VFX course has a reputation for producing artists of exceptional skill and talent, and, after a team of graduates scored themselves a BAFTA last… read more


Common Ground

“This little patch of ground was exactly that: common. And all the richer for it.” In a sense, this sentence summarises both the strengths and weaknesses of Common Ground. In… read more


Jerusalem Deleted

One might think that if you are the Gorley Putt Professor of Poetry and Poetics at Cambridge University creative attempts might turn out to be overly academic. Or you could… read more


Shore to Shore

Our Poet Laureate – Carole Ann Duffy – is no stranger to supporting a good cause, so it was no surprise when she announced her Shore to Shore tour to… read more